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The Closer Season Four - Episode 12

 Episode 12

This episode is about a very large man who is found dead in the trunk of his car. I loved this episode, if definitely sits on my top ten list.

The beginning of this episode is perhaps one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen on this show.

Major crimes shows up at a scene where there’s a really REALLY large guy in the trunk of a car.

There are so many funny things in this scene that I think I’ll just list them in point form

- Provenza shows up with a Danish or Donut or something in his hand. When the team pops the trunk they all react to the smell and sight of the victim by putting their hand up to their mouths or making a face… not Provenza, he just keep munchin’ on his breakfast like he’s sitting at the park.

- Then can’t just lift the body out of the trunk so they decide to tow the car with the body in it so they can cut him out of the car.
Classic Line:
Tao:The body is bloated, decomposing, and highly unstable. We should tow him back to the morgue and cut the car around him otherwise he might ummm….
Flynn:…Pop like a Zit?

- So then Flynn calls Brenda and while he’s on the phone….. OMG Bust a gut….
Flynn:Hey Chief! Yeah, we just found a big big round peg in a small square hole…
Then all of a sudden you hear Sanchez yell in the background about the straps on the tow truck.
 Brenda:Lt. Who’s that yellin’?.... Lt. Is that Det. Sanchez?
 Flynn:What? No No of course not, Chief.

 Brenda:Did the Coroner suggest how Mr. Adams mighta died?
Flynn:Yeah, he said it was ahh… it could be positional asfixiation. But you can’t tell for sure because there’s so much of this guy you can’t see. He’s like an iceburg….
The cable on the tow truck snaps and the car rolls off the trailer…. Unaware, Flynn keeps talking…
 Flynn: “…He could have died from some bullet wounds to the chest that never found an exit…”
… the team are chasing the car down the hill behind him… Flynn turns and sees what’s happening…

 Flynn: “…Or, or…”
Brenda: “Or what Lieutenant?”
…The car rolls through the police tape and crashes into a hydro pole…
 Flynn: “…Or, he could also have died in some bizarre traffic accident…
 Brenda: “Traffic Accident?”
…The transformer on the hydro pole explodes and falls onto the car, then it explodes again and sets the car on fire…
 Flynn: “…Or maybe an electrical fire…”


Have I mentioned that I love the Medical Examiner?

After they cut the car open and the body kinda just falls out in a large blob.
ME: Yuck, Terrence, YUCK!

While trying to examine the body on the floor or the garage
ME: “I can get dental records but, so much has gone wrong here!”


Brenda is so funny when she’s talking to Fritz about the case.

Fritz: Know what’s really beginning to bother me about all this?
Brenda: What?
Fritz: The fat jokes.
Brenda: Oh! You’re right! TERRIBLE! I’ve been spendin’ much too much time with Lts Flynn and Provenza!


I love the ‘girlfriend’… way too funny.
Classic line:
Sanchez: She’s not that stupid, cuz she’s into me.


I must say that I had pegged the ‘girlfriend’ for a man when they first met her at her house. She was just… I dunno. I guess she was kinda pretty but still ‘manly’ in a Gabriella Sabatini sorta way


The look on Sanchez’s face when he realizes the suspect is a man… OMG, so funny.
Sanchez: “Tell the Chief I’m gone to therapy.”


I so totally love Willie Ray…. She is just so funny with the way she handles Clay.

I love the way she tells him she’s going on her vacation with or without him…. God I hope my honey and I are like that when we’re that age… they’re just too cute.
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