Mrs Mayfair McBitchy (rbkh) wrote in thecloser_tv,
Mrs Mayfair McBitchy

Fic: Poker Face

Title: Poker Face
Show/Characters: The Closer / Sharon Raydor, Brenda Leigh Johnson and Charlie Johnson.
Rating: K
Spoiler alert: Well it's set after S6, and mentions something about certain gnome.
Summary: Charlie's back in LA to spend the Easter break with her aunt, and she invites Captain Raydor for dinner. Accidentally, they end up stoned and drunk.
Author's Notes: This comes from a chat I had with ddagent and while she tried to cheer me up she gave me a few ideas, one of them being and I quote 'imagine Sharon Raydor in lingerie.' And that made me come up with this story, nothing better than accidental prompts, so you all can either blame or thank ddagent for it :P

Only Chapter
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