joelthecat (joelthecat) wrote in thecloser_tv,

Fanfic: Undercover Operation (The Closer: Brenda/Sharon et al., NC-17)

Title: Undercover Operation
Author: JoelTheCat
Rating: NC-17 for whipping and a little blood in the line of duty
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sharon Raydor/Brenda Leigh Johnson, with Fritz and Will standing around like a couple of idiots.
Genre: yes, Brenda/Sharon means f/f
Warning: BDSM, and not enough sex
Spoilers: for "No Good Deed," which I think aired in 2006....
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Author Notes: Yeah, those other detectives probably do look a little familiar. I wasn't in the mood to create a whole cast of female LEOs when I could be writing BDSM. Sorry.
Summary: Brenda and Sharon go undercover.
Word Count: 5103

"You know they all want you, don't you?"
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