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The Closer Season Four - Episodes 3 and 4

The Closer Season Four – Episodes 3 and 4

Episode 3

This episode deals with a teenaged girl who appears to have committed suicide. There are some questions as to whether it was an actual suicide since she had reported being raped only days before.

So right off the bat it appears to me that Taylor is acting just a little too nice. It also seemed as though he was practically pleading with Brenda to take the case on. We then realize that maybe… just MAYBE Taylor has a conscience after all… *ahem* Maybe.

See, I’m still torn on this one. Taylor frakked up. When he realized that the rapist was the son of a Commander in the Sheriffs office he dragged his feet. The result?... a dead teenaged girl. Brenda hit the nail directly on the head.
Brenda:You slow-walked this case in a way you wouldn’t have even considered doin’ if the suspect hadn’t been the relative of a Sheriff’s Commander. In addition, you left your victim exposed to her attacker, who was at school with her on a daily basis while you busied yourself with the political implications of this investigation.

So we see that Taylor deeply regrets how things turned out and it’s quite clear that he realizes that Brenda is the only one who can perhaps brings the rapist to Justice. But he’s still a really lousy cop in my opinion because he should have done the right thing in the first place.


Man oh Man…. All those Balwin brothers look so much alike. They could like be each others stunt double or somethin’.

I wanted to punch Commander Yates the instant he opened his mouth. I can understand the initial reaction to shield and protect your child no matter what it is that they’ve done… I get that cuz I’m a mother. But this character is just brutal! No wonder his son turned out the way he did.

Yes, yes, yes… I know. It’s a TV show… not real.


Despite all I just said about Taylor, I must admit it’s always kinda fun to see them working together. In this episode you’d think they were best buds or somthin’.
Brenda:I see the obstacles as clearly as Y’all. But I would appreciate it if the detectives in my own division would offer me at least the same support I’m getting’ from Commander Taylor.


I love how most of her ‘AHA’ moments come when she’s just bouncing ideas and thoughts off of Fritz. I also like it when she brings her case to him when she’s stumped, it’s such a show of respect and trust… I like seeing that sorta thing in a relationship.


Arresting all of Darren Yates’ friends was a stroke of genious. Very ‘The Accused’ like.


I loved the way Brenda went into the interrogation room and pretended to be the kids lawyer. But really? Can you really do that?


I also have some doubts about the legalities to picking up a teenaged girl from school and then not taking her home like you said you would. Now I realize why she did it, and it’s not like the girl was frightened for her safety or anything… but really? Couldn’t she get in trouble for that too?


I loved that they arrested Commander Yates… that prick, God I hated that character

I also love what Brenda said to Darren Yates at the end, once he’s confessed to the rape. I was cheering and through air punches.
Brenda:And if you think being the son of a Sherrif’s Commander made you popular at school, just wait until you get to prison. Convicts even play the same games as you and your best buds. I imagine you’ll end up in their 'Cherry Pickin’ Club.


I was so happy to see the other rape victim waiting for Brenda in her office. I got shivers when I saw her.

Episode 4

In this episode a guy is found dead and then it is discovered that he’s wearing a wire. Problem is that the LA PD claim he wasn’t working with them and the FBI don’t claim him either.

Turns out the guys was running drugs and was was wearing the wire himself.

This particular story line wasn’t the greatest, but the little power struggle between PHD and the FBI certainly made up for it.


So Gabriel and Daniels having a little spat in the middle of the Murder Room was odd. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I don’t get why they even bothered with this part of the story. The Closer has so much meat and gravy as it is, they really didn’t need the whole Gabriel / Daniels thing.



I loved the scene in the car with Tao… OMG, he is so funny. I wish they’d give him more attention because when he has a good line he certainly delivers.
Brenda:Are Sgt. Gabriel and Detective Daniels still together?
Tao:Well, you know how relationships are. Once you realize that love is more than just sexual attraction… when you go beyond the purely carnal…

OMG, I’m giggling just thinking about it. It wasn’t the words he was saying so much as the double fist pump when he said ‘Purely Carnal’… That is so far my favorite Tao moment.


I was extremely disappointed in the way that Gabriel handled the thing with Daniels. I cannot believe that he actually suggested she be transferred. And making it out as though he was just looking out for her best interests? What an ASS. I’m so glad that Brenda called him on it.


I got a kick out of watching Brenda and Fritz try to out-maneuver each other. BUT, again, Brenda doesn’t play fair. I really hate it when she does that.


The guys sitting in the observation room, eating popcorn, while watching Daniels and Gabriels have it out… How funny was that?


I’ve seen Fritz pissed off at Brenda before, but never like the fight at the end of this episode. OMG….

I must admit, again, it was nice to see Fritz grow a pair where Brenda is concerned. I could practically quote the entire scene but I’ll spare you. Here are what I figured were some of the hightlights:
Fritz:I am so sick of this double standard
Brenda:What double standard?
Fritz:You sent me on a needless and very expensive stakeout, you undermined three years of hard work, and if I had done anything remotely similar to that, if I had screwed with your case, My God, you would have changed the locks on the doors.
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See, I thought that suicide case was one time when Brenda started out being really unfair to Captain Taylor. Taylor has his problems but it was clear he really cared about what happened to that girl, and "busying himself with the political implications" was a very unfair accusation for Brenda to make, because the political implications in this case were really important to making sure the girl didn't suffer police targeting/brutality as a result of coming forward. After Brenda said her piece there, Taylor shot back with something about how she was the last person he's come to to help clean up his messes, meaning that 1) he wasn't asking her to clean up his mess, but to help bring the rapist to justice, and 2) he didn't appreciate the crap she was saying about him, which in this case really WAS crap.

Brenda is no saint. Sometimes she says some really dick things and this was one of them, imho.
See this is the one time where I'm really unsure about Taylor. While he clearly felt terrible about what happened to this girl there's very little doubt in my mind that he made a mistake.

the political implications in this case were really important to making sure the girl didn't suffer police targeting/brutality as a result of coming forward.
but you see, that's exactly what happened to her because he slow-walked the whole thing and he DID leave her out there to be a target.

I'm not saying that Taylor deliberately put the victim out there unprotected or anything but I think that he did drag his feet once he found out that the accused was Darren Yates.

I don't think that Taylor expected Brenda to cover his ass, I think he realized that she was only one who might be able to salvage some sort of criminal charge from wreckage.

As for Brenda, yes, I agree she was a little cruel in what she said to him. But I don't think any of it was untrue, she just could have found a nicer way to put it.... but then, that's Brenda.

I think this is the begining of Taylor's character development. One of this things I most like about this show is the character development, especially of Taylor.

I think that Taylor regreeted what he did and was trying to get Brenda to help justice be done as much as possible. I didn't get the feeling that he had a hidden agenda.

Brenda is no angel, she is neglectful of Fritz at times, will lie to her parents, manipulate not only suspects, but her colleagues, parents, Fritz, etc. That's what makes her such a fasincating character, she has good and bad points to her. My husband says I am just like her!

I also agree with you on the whole Gabreil/Daniels thing - what was the point? Espeicially when they devoted so little time to it beyound the breakup. At least on Bones the seconday characters romance (Hodgins/Angela) got some air time, and the handling of it made the viewer actually care!!
Well Taylor's character has most definitely developed from the 4th season on... there's no doubt about that. And I must admit I don't hate him like I did in the first 2 seasons. And I didn't feel as though there was a hidden agenda with Brenda, but that still doesn't negate the fact that he dragged his feet in the first place.

For some reason this episode seems to get everyone all soft on Taylor and forget that his actions played a part in the events that lead to the victims death.

*shakes head*

I guess I just still don't trust him. Maybe season 7 will be the year he wins my affections.